The Importance Of Greedy Insurance

In the United States today, the healthcare system is based more on business than to help those in need. Greedy insurance and pharmaceutical companies are taking the hard earned dollars of millions of people. Patients who need to seek medical care have no other choice than to pay out of pocket for thousands of dollars of care, or they can go without receiving the care at all. While other patients cannot afford to pay for medication necessary for their survival. The medical industry in our country needs a complete revamp, which puts the patients and their needs first. This transformation can be made possible if insurance companies were no longer profit based and pharmaceutical companies did not upcharge medications to the extreme, which would …show more content…
Insurance has to be high for patients because doctors are afraid of being sued. This is why they order unnecessary tests for most patients. This includes diagnostic tests, procedures, and therapy. The doctor wants to cover all grounds just in case they get into the middle of a legal dispute. Even though having tests, procedures, and therapy is not necessary for all patients, when a doctor order is the insurance company has to cover it. This results in more money being taken out of your pocket to pay the insurance company (Howard). Statistics show that each year, $650 billion is allocated to tests, procedures, and therapies that doctors use to cover themselves in the case of a law suit. Doctors in the United States also use a variety of treatments, which are expensive. For example, in the U.S. Physician use mammograms three times as much as in other countries. Doctors here also use MRIs two and a half times the amount elsewhere. Also, 31% more Caesarean sections are performed in the U.S. Money is not only spent on paying for this influx of treatments, but it is being used in the technology that is necessary to perform the treatments (Epstein). Regardless of how a doctor treats their patient during this process, they will be getting paid. Physicians make more money with every office visit and each procedure they perform than the health insurance company does. Therefore, doctors push more health care due to the financial incentive

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