Essay On The Cost Of College Education

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Is the cost of college becoming too much to the point where it outweighs the benefits of the education itself? Throughout the decades a college education has gained many benefits and is considered by the majority to be the next logical step in life after high school. College nowadays is seen as a necessity, students coming straight out of high school are pressured by guidance counselors and other authoritative figures to make college the next step. All because it is said that with this higher education one may earn more than one without, and have an overall better standard of living. Receiving a college education can bring one knowledge, certain work conditions, and money. There have been many studies shown to hold the belief that among …show more content…
From the day a child starts their education, parents start saving up for the financial aspect and the child grows to do their best to get into a good school and further their education even more. College is the next logical step due to the advantage is gives a person over a regular college graduate. Whether it be earning more money, having better health and retirement benefits, or just the extra knowledge one has been able to learn and use toward their life. Derek Bok, lawyer and former president of Harvard University once said “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. College is an expensive ordeal, but every penny is worth it if it means preparing someone for the rest of their lives. One should always want to better themselves in any way they can, whether it be trade school, a two-year, or a four-year a higher education is never a poor idea, and one should not feel that a good education is simply not worth it due to the cost. With all the aid available a more expensive education is easier to grasp than one might think. Robert Staughton Lynd said “Knowledge is power only if a man knows what facts, not to bother with,” education being knowledge and the only facts that one should bother with is how it will better their

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