Cost Of College Education Essay

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From 1990 to 2005, college attendance from recent high school graduates increased by about two and a half times (Doak). College education has long been a topic of controversy among schools, public officials, and students. Throughout history, higher education has expanded greatly and the education has become greatly valued. Also, the cost of this tuition has increased drastically. Education is widely accepted up through the high school level, but some individuals have begun to strongly disavow college in the modern world. This is because of the cost financially, socially, and the amount of time that is required. Although there are prices you must pay, a college education is beneficial in many ways for people who attend. A college education will stabilize itself and continue to benefit the student in the future. College graduates make more over their lifetimes as compared to high school graduates, over millions of dollars at times. It was found that, “the lifetime income of families headed by individuals with a bachelor's degree will be about $1.6 million more than the incomes of families headed by those with a high-school diploma”(Hansen). $1.6 …show more content…
This is from a combination of multiple reasons that can be overlooked or argued by college lovers. One negative to college attendance is the high tuition cost and student loans that must be taken out to pay for the education. The cost of tuition is always increasing as,”At private nonprofit four-year colleges and universities, tuition now averages $27,293, an increase of $1,164, or about 4.5 percent over last year”(Adams). The cost may force a student to take out student loans, but the as before mentioned $1.6 million dollar influx over time would pay that off, even if it may take some time. The cost is not the only thing a student looking to attend college should look at.colleges benefits greatly outway any negative that can be picked

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