Cost Of Attendance At Private Schools Essay

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Cost of Attendance It is no secret that college is expensive, so this weighs very heavy into where I choose to attend. There is also a lot more to factor into the cost than the tuition. Tuition is generally the biggest expense, but room and board can also be rather large, especially at private colleges. Luckily, there are scholarships from the university to help offset some of these costs, so the sticker price is rarely paid. The cost of attendance that I am looking at in my college search is the one that involves the scholarships that I will most likely get. As I am looking at private colleges the cost of attendance is rather large, but with scholarships from the colleges, it is possible to get it down to public school price. University of Southern Indiana has the lowest sticker price of the three colleges. They are the only public school on the list, so that should not be surprising. The cost from the university is estimated at $15,354 when factoring in tuition, housing, and a meal plan. USI also calculates that the average student spends about $3,000 a year on other miscellaneous expense like books, transportation, and personal living expenses, bring the total to over $18,000. Unfortunately, USI has the worst scholarships of my three options. I would automatically receive $3,500 a year for academic achievements, but they offer few scholarships besides these. In academics, the only other scholarship that they seem to offer requires a 4.0, which I do not have. One thing…

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