Cosmetics Shop Reflection

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The workplace I choose is a cosmetics shop. It is a retailer that provides beauty products as well as considerate customer service. I have been to the cosmetics shop for several times and I enjoy the shopping experience there. Before I learnt knowledge about discourses, I just focused on their products and service. This time, I paid much attention to their vocabulary, behaviors, and dress-code when I observed the shop and the employees and I found that it was a unique discourse which was different from classrooms. The discourse shows that the shop’s goal to provide professional and considerate service and consultation for customers.
Employees, also the salespersons, need to know several sets of specialized vocabulary in order to provide service for customers. The first set of the vocabulary is all the cosmetics brands at the shop, such as Anna Sui, Benefit Cosmetics, Chanel, and so on. The second set of the vocabulary is all kinds of the cosmetics from hair and skin to nails and tools. Some commonly used terms at the shop include masks, foundation, and moisturizers, CC creams, and lipsticks, eye brushes, and so
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The female salespersons wear black three quarter sleeve tunic top, black leggings or silk stockings, and black closed toe and heeled shoes. I notice that a salesperson wears a black blouse, black pants, and black closed toe shoes. I guess that she may be a new comer and her uniform is not ready. The uniforms make customers feel that it is a formal and professional cosmetics shop that sells authentic and high-end beauty products. The goals of uniforms can be various. First, uniforms make salespersons look professional and it is a way to convey the shop’s identity and uniformity. Second, wearing uniforms allows customers to identify salespersons easily when they want to consult with salespersons or need help. If salespersons all wear their own clothes, customers may mistake them for

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