Essay about Cosmetic Surgery Is An Amazing Body

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Cosmetic Surgery : Nicki Minaj has an amazing body. It 's not the one that God gave her.
Surgeons do 300 major surgeries per year operating two or three days a week(marx). Some people don 't think surgery is necessaries, others don 't think the same about that. Surgery is optional and risky. They can have some benefits from it, or end up being worse from where they started. For one to know more about cosmetic surgery one has to know what it is, why people do it, the types, and the risks to get a better understanding of it.
South Korea is known for having the most cosmetic surgery clinics in the world. There is about four to five hundred clinics and hospital within a square mile for cosmetic surgery(marx). Everyone there looks like a doll toy. Its advertised everywhere. The more people want surgery the more improved clinics have to be made, and prepare for new things. There is many positive benefits from cosmetic surgery. Accordingly the subjects in the experimental condition tended to believe that physically attractive people had great privileges in social relationships,romantic relations, and careers(lee). Getting Cosmetic Surgery can change Human life. Cosmetic Surgery can be performed on any part of face and body(Cosmetic). Cosmetic Surgeons always tell the person the risk of getting cosmetic surgery performed. As Technology gets faster , so do cosmetic doctors as well. Some Cosmetic doctors have set timers to get a certain surgery done in less 1 hour or even…

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