Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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People from all over the world have little insecurities that drive them mad. Whether their insecurity is a birth defect, a deformity caused from an accident, or an unpleasant feature of the body, everyone has at least one insecurity. A business emerged focusing on these insecurities, and it strives to alleviate the stress brought into peoples’ lives by them. Cosmetic surgery is surgery performed to enhance one’s appearance and it involves both surgical and medical techniques. It is specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it, often as a cure to underlying problems (“This House”). The United States government wants to ban the practice of cosmetic surgery on the grounds that it is too risky and …show more content…
Throughout the years, cosmetic surgery has merged with reconstructive surgery and formed a new group of surgeons that serve patient’s physical and mental needs. Some birth defects that need the help of cosmetic surgery include cleft lips/palates, moles, scars, and birthmarks (Stevens). Some people have faced job discrimination due to unflattering facial marks, such as moles and scars. Cosmetic surgery has the power to remove any blemish, which would help individuals obtain employment. As a result, the economy would benefit with the increase in employment. Cosmetic surgery benefits everyone in this situation, and prevents discrimination. In addition to birth defects, many people acquire deformities throughout life from different accidents. Cosmetic surgery gives hope to these victims and gives them back their appearance, ultimately helping their overall health. Many people disagree with changing one’s appearance. One reason is due to the risk associated with this surgery. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgery estimates that “there is 1 death in 57,000 put this in perspective, your chances of being injured in a motor vehicle accident are about 1 in 1,000 in any given year and there is about 1 maternal death for every 7,692 live births” (“This House”). This proves that cosmetic surgery has improved and eliminated a majority of the risks involved. Another concern of cosmetic surgery is that God created each individual the way He wanted and people should not mess with God’s Will by changing bits and pieces of themselves. Though this may hold true, cosmetic procedures have the power to help individuals in need live better lives each day, which would also make God happy. Also, the government cannot make a law or ban based on a religious belief since the United States Constitution states that all Americans have

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