Essay on Cosmetic Surgery : Behind The Beauty

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Cosmetic Surgery: Behind the Beauty Beauty is commonly defined by super models we see today. Some people want to be like them and others want to look like them. With women and men as beautiful as they are, others are convinced that this is how they should look. For women, supermodels are required to be a height of six feet, have a bust of 36”, a waist of 26” and your hips must be 35”. The world today has made achieving these gorgeous looks in a much simple and easy way. Cosmetic surgery is what gives people the stunning results that they have been craving for a life time. Before cosmetic surgery people would work out to accomplish body goals such as these, but society think, why sweat when you can lay in a hospital bed for a small price. Angela Newstatter, Dr. Juli Slatter, and Robert Tornambe all state their views on cosmetic surgery. To make their article a little more persuasive they all have displayed the three modes of persuasion, (ethos, logos, and pathos) toward cosmetic surgery. The ethos from the article, (I’m a feminist and I’ve had Cosmetic Surgery. Why is that a problem?) that Angela Newstatter has written is very credible. She provides a tone in which she is determined to find out why is it a problem that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. She says, “I felt it important to be honest.” (Newstatter, 2014, P.2) She received an eye job in her 40s when they seemed to be disappearing “into a reptilian layer of skin.” (Newstatter, 2014, P.2) Her ethos is also very…

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