Essay on Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effects On Society

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In 2014, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that 10.3 million cosmetic surgeries were performed. Over 12 billion dollars were spent on these alterations. Women represented 90.6% of those operations, meanwhile men were the other 9.4%. In modern society, striving for perfection is common, reaching that “ideal” appearance. The statistics stated earlier prove that Americans (and around the world) want to continue the appeal of what society considers “perfect”. Not many know the concept is an idea, not a reality. The truth is that these operations could end in redundant results, lead to short-term satisfaction, or indicate a mental disorder. Why would one risk everything for something merely impossible? Cosmetic Surgery shouldn’t be considered, because what people don’t know is that these procedures could hurt them rather than help them.
The topic of cosmetic surgery is a relevant subject in society because of the complexity of the process, the potential risks. It’s becoming a popular trend, and by raising awareness now, we could prevent various issues that may be presented to family members, loved ones, or ourselves. People’s lives have been lost for an idea, a belief that is unfathomable. This concept of cosmetic surgery is also beginning to appeal more to teens, causing the rise of an epidemic of the horizon of a societal disaster.
Sources used incorporate various SIRS Researcher Articles and auxiliary websites.
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