Essay on Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effect On Society

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In today’s society, appearance plays a vital role. Individuals place a great deal of emphasis on physical beauty because of how the media portrays it. Actors, models, and musicians uphold a youthful appearance through cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that alters or enhances an individuals’ appearance as in which the individual desires. Cosmetic surgery has not only increased tremendously over the past decade, but it has become a norm to society. Cosmetic surgery takes on many forms, and can be branched out into various categories. Let’s view the different types of procedures and look at them from the positive and negative aspects. Getting a Botox is a good alternative for middle age individuals who desire to maintain a youthful look because not only do the individuals receive fast results, but it is a simple procedure that can be done within a few minutes which makes it very convenient. The individual can continue their day after the procedure because there is not a healing process or pain involved.
Getting a Botox does make middle age individuals appear younger, but it is also very temporary. For example, an individual will have to constantly receive Botox treatments every so often to maintain the youthful look or the wrinkles and aging will resurface the face. It is also very expensive to keep up on the maintenance of a Botox. Even though a Botox prevents aging, it is very dangerous because a toxin is being injected into the body which can not…

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