Cosmetic Surgery : A Social Life Essays

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Beauty becomes more influentially significant to social life. Nowadays everyone is talented so, in order to be outstanding, the good-looking appearance is an additional factor. That is the reason why cosmetic surgery hypnotizes people. According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, cosmetic surgery is a “reconstruction of cutaneous or underlying tissues, performed to improve and correct a structural defect or to remove a scar, birthmark, or normal evidence of aging”. Besides the positive influence, same as any other kinds of surgery, cosmetic methodology also contains risks. First of all, cosmetic surgery can leave behind bad consequence for your health. In most surgery, blood congestion or hematoma has always been at risk in any time. They localize accumulation of blood in the body and cause a large painful bruise. In some serious cases, the therapy is composed of additional operations to drain the blood. Infection is also a cause that couldn’t forget. The rate of infection increase rapidly when transplanting equipment into organs. Infection symptoms can be recognized by fever, red streaks extending from the affected and drainage of pulse from the area. The result of infection can be harmless or fatal base on the amount of infect. Necrosis, which is defined as “cell or tissue death due to disease, trauma, hypoxia, radiation, acute infection, etc; the constellation of changes that accompany and follow irreversible cell injury in living organisms” by McGraw-Hill, is mentioned to…

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