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Cosmetic Otoplasty (ear pinning or shaping) is a surgical procedure that is designed to correct deformed or protruding ears. On many occasions, parents decide to have their child’s ears corrected during their youth (generally between the ages of 4 and 14). By correcting oversized or misshapen ears while a child is young, ridicule during adolescence can be avoided.

What Can Cosmetic Otoplasty Accomplish?

Cosmetic Otoplasty can be used to improve the proportion, shape or position of an individual’s ear. Dr. Sam Gershenbaum frequently uses this procedure to correct defects in the structure of the ear that are present at birth and become more apparent as time passes.

One of the most common forms of Cosmetic Otoplasty that Dr. G performs is ear pinning surgery. An ear pinning surgery can be used to bring balance and proportion to an individual’s face and ears. Dr. Gershenbaum performs Cosmetic Otoplasty procedures at his surgery center in Miami for children, adolescents and adults. Following Cosmetic Otoplasty, the majority of Dr. G’s patients state that their improved appearance has increased their self-esteem.

Who Should Consider Cosmetic Otoplasty?

Individuals who have:

Protruding ears on one or both sides (not associated with loss of hearing) The condition macrotia (overlay large ears) Already had an Otoplasty procedure, but are not satisfied with the results

Who is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Otoplasty with Dr. Gershenbaum in Miami?

Dr. G performs ear…

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