Cosmetic Aspects Of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular and accepted throughout the years, but it is still heavily criticized.While it is still not a ‘norm’ to hear about cosmetic surgeries throughout everyday life, it is becoming a ‘norm’ to see them on TV. There have been many instances where media attempts to show the surgeries as normal things to have done. For example, there are now multiple tv shows that focus on cosmetic surgery and fixing how people look, which include, but are not limited to: Atlanta Plastic, Botched, Doctor 90210, Nip/Tuck, and Extreme Makeover. Even the shows that are not based on the entertainment value of cosmetic surgery still either feature it or make fun of it. The increased media exposure has contributed to the increased popularity of this beautifician technique. No matter how many shows there are about this subject it still feels like there are different levels of acceptance towards cosmetic surgery between the genders. This paper will attempt to answer the question, “How does acceptance and views on cosmetic surgery differ between the genders?”

Cosmetic surgery has been predominately made up of female patients and male surgeons. One of the factors that influence this pattern is the stereotype that males are dominant and females are seen as weak. Women are seen as self-conscious and having self-esteem problems, while men on the other hand are supposed to not be self-conscious about the way they look. Cosmetic surgery is seen as a perfectly…

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