Cosmetic And Animal Testing Is Cruel, Imoral Or Wrong?

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Imagine being dragged from your bed, strapped into a chair, eyes and mouth forced open, chemicals injected into your body, irritating solutions flushed into your eyes, and chemical substances applied to your skin. It sounds like something straight from a fictional horror film, but even more terrifying is discovering that this excessive torture does indeed exist. I believe that animal testing is cruel, immoral, and completely wrong. Cosmetic and drug testing usually kills the animals, and this is not right. Some research on animals provides information used for solving biological and medical problems, but most research is used for testing commercial products and cosmetics for toxicity. Usually animals are tested with toxic chemicals that supply …show more content…
Although people may argue that animal experimentation is justified because it could lead to a cure or some medication that helps a particular sickness, it still is not a good enough reason to test on animals. Scientists have developed alternatives to animal testing. One way scientists can test their drugs and medication is by using living embryonic cells, in vitro cell testing rather than animals or humans. Stem cells are derived from human embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized and then donated for research purpose with informed consent of the donors. Rather than testing drugs in animals, human stem cells are used to test the safety of drugs. Stem cell research allows us to model diseases and problems in human development in the hopes of understanding and someday preventing a variety of health problems and conditions. Although stem cell research may replace certain testing of drugs and cosmetics, it will not replace all vivisection. Is it possible that science will someday develop enough non-animal tests to replace all non-human animal experimentation? Another alternative method is to use synthetic membranes; so many biomedical tests can avoid the use of animals. These synthetic membranes can be substituted for animals and they are used to demonstrate the effects of chemicals or topical treatments on skin. Technology today is so advanced that experiments can be conducted using computer models. Some experiments can be done on a computer generated animal instead of on a live animal. In medical labs today, you do not have to manually dissect anything, because there are computer programs that demonstrate all medical procedures. Computer models are also used to screen and determine a toxic level of substances in the beginning of an experiment. More recently, computer models have become valuable additions to the array of research tools and techniques. It is evident that

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