Corruption The Language Of Politicians Essay

1530 Words Oct 27th, 2014 7 Pages
Tennyson Nelson
Professor Bhuiyan
RWS 100 Section 73
23 October 2014
Corruption the Language of Politicians Though written more than a half-century apart, “Politicians and the English Language” by George Orwell and “Why do politicians lie? Because they have to” by Melanie Phillips are essays that share similar viewpoints. Orwell claims politicians use the tools of corrupt language to get what they want and to manipulate the populace. Phillips concludes the same in her work. Text examples and discussions will be used to illustrate Orwell’s claim from his 1946 essay and also to relate the 2003 essay of Phillips. Orwell’s view of how language is used to manipulate people will first be examined using specific examples and writing passages from his work. Next, Phillips’s essay that applies to politicians of the English Parliament will be analyzed to demonstrate its support for Orwell’s conclusion.
Orwell asserts that not every politician speaks the language of corruption, although many have become fluent in dead metaphors and words with double meanings that have become the language of the day. “Politicians and the English Language” by George Orwell is a meandering, but thought provoking essay. Orwell’s main claim is that politicians use corrupt language to get what they want. Orwell starts off with an analysis of the English language and talks about its decline, he moves onto reviews of passages and talks about their staleness and lack of imagery. Orwell discusses many topics…

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