Essay Corruption Or Fraud Ethical Decisions

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Mismanagement or Fraud
Ethical decisions came from within each individual. Unfortunately, we are not born with a moral compass that points to the right or wrong decisions or choices we make in our everyday life. The choices we make to live and make good are bad choices comes from how we were raised. My moral standard and the person next to me will probably not be the same. “Moral standards are principles based on religious, cultural, or philosophical beliefs by which judgments are made about good or bad behavior. These beliefs can come from different sources. Your personal set of morals- your morality- represents a collection of all these influences as they are built up in your lifetime” (Ghillyer, 2014, p.4). Personally, if I am in doubt, I ask myself can I live with this decision and will anyone get hurt. In this case, Greg Mortenson could have made better ethical decisions.
In the article, Three Cups of Tea: Mismanagement or Fraud which states in April 2011 journalist Jon Krakauer and 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft expose Greg Mortenson and his work. Greg Mortenson 's charity work was written about in two best-selling novels. One of those being Three Cups of Tea, this novel sold over five million copies and led to large donations to Mortenson’s charity, Central Asia Institute (CAI). This book was written in the third person as an account of Mortenson’s life and was coauthored by David Oliver Relin.
By 2011, Mortenson’s charity, CAI, has received over seventy-two…

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