Corruption On Earth Is The Norm, No Matter What The Government Style

1775 Words May 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Corruption on Earth is the norm, no matter what the government style. Our 2050 Martian colony will embody the best of historical government styling from Earth. To avoid government corruption in our colony, I will establish a royal president, the king or queen, and an elected parliament to bring fairness plus tradition, flare, and personality to the government. The best of socialism will be maintained through a strongly regulated and funded health care, education, and public service programs. Because I value each citizen 's constitutional values, I plan to create laws to advocate for freedoms of speech, press, and expression as the best of the democratic government style. I believe that we can create and operate a colony on Mars that practices the best of democratic, socialistic, and monarchical governments by generating a few specific laws that reflect the ideals of my experience on Earth.

To begin building this colony, I would establish a democratic office that would be led by a king or queen. The king or queen will run a crusade similar to a presidential campaign, except, there will be no unsystematic write-ins where only the people who are running can be voted for. There will be no electoral college; the majority vote will win. The minimum age to run will be 30 and the person running will have to have at least 3 years of political experience. After the election, and the king or queen is chosen, his or her significant other will become the king or queen as well. Say a…

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