Corruption Of The Philippines Is A Colossal Issue Essay

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There is no doubt that corruption in the Philippines is a colossal issue that needs to be solved . In 2006, it was confirmed that the Philippines indeed had the worst corruption rates in the entirety of East Asia. It has little improved ever since that year.

The story that brought Filipino corruption into light, was of Ferdinand Marcos. Ferdinand Marcos was the Philippine president from 1966-1986, and also participated in the House of Representatives and Senate. Rather than saying he was a president, most Filipinos would call him a dictator . During his early days in politics, Marcos did not do much to help or harm the Philippines. For example, in World War II he claimed to be a great leader in the Filipino Guerilla Resistance Movement, but it was revealed by the U.S government he had little to no say about the Japanese Invasion. When Marcos ran for his second presidential term, he used massive crowd violence, vote buying, and fraud to win the position. In 1972, Martial Law was issued and the Philippines was under an official dictatorship. Marcos’ wife, Imelda, also was the cause of massive corruption because she often appointed her relatives to important government businesses, and constantly practiced “crony capitalism”. Eventually, the economy of the Philippines was failing and there were several uprisings just waiting to happen. Ben Aquino, after being exiled, returned to the Philippines to help the miserable people, but was shot dead by several high-up officers who…

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