Essay Corruption Of Public Office For Private Benefits

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Corruption in the public sector which is generally defined as “the ill-usage of public office for private benefits” is a complex behaviour. At every stage of development, corruption appears to exist and exacerbate the conditions of economic progress and poverty (Chetwynd and Spector, 2003). The costs of corruption can be more significant particularly in countries with pre-existing negative pressure on economic growth as well as the recent political transition to democracy. In a corruption regime, comparative advantage belongs to the business agents with illegal corrupt activities. It is then likely that corruption may lead to a trap which expand wider use of corruption and discourage the legitimate businesses (Rose-Akerman, 1999). Regarding to International Transparency, the report states that 68% of the countries have a score of Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 (CPI) below 50; 2/3 of all countries are moderately or highly corrupt. About 6 billion people are living in those countries with high corruption. In the last decade, there is a surge of interests on the international policy communities on corruption which includes the World Bank Group Engagement on Governance and Anticorruption (GAC) strategy and the Millennium Challenge Corporation who encourages the corruption records by providing aids for countries regarding to the attained corruption data. These initiatives illustrate the growing policy consensus of high level and cost of corruption in low-income countries…

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