Essay about Corruption Of New York City

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Corruption in Policing

Ever since the first settlers that stepped foot on American soil there has always been a divide between the people who are supposed to serve, protect , and enforce the laws and the people who are to follow these laws. When entrusting officials with such power, many may wonder why some go down a path of lies, deception, and corruption? What makes one become a dirty cop? While others do not go down the path of corruption, but instead they choose to stay on the path of a person with honorable character.
New York City is one place where the police department has its roots in history for being labelled as corrupted. The police being hired as Tammany Halls Security Guards were carrying out the duties of collecting payments, and to collect these payments for Tammany, the police used deadly force of beatings to being hired out for murder (Steinberg, 2007). One of the most controversial examples of police corruption of New York City is the trial of Charles Becker, a lieutenant with New York police department in the 1896. (Dash, 2007) Becker was the first and only police officer to be executed for murder by the electric chair, which would go down in history as also the most botched execution. Becker was tried for the murder Herman Rosenthal A gangster who ran illegal casinos. Becker was known for being crooked, ruthless, and taking money to execute hits (Dash, 2007).
One of the oldest problems in the police force is corruption, and it can come in different…

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