Corruption Is A Old As Human History Essay

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The phenomenon of corruption is as old as human history; and it can well be argued that the problem of grand corruption in Nigeria did not attain its all-pervasive status during the colonial era. According to Tignor, ‘concerns about corruption were seen as one of the reasons colonial rule was needed as it provided good government in place of oppression and chaos’. On the contrary, Osoba argues that the British colonial administration laid the foundation of what metamorphosed today as endemic grand corruption emphasising that ‘corruption in Nigeria is a kind of social virus which is a hybrid of traits of fraudulent anti-social behaviour derived from British colonial rule and those derived from, and nurtured in the indigenous Nigerian context’. Tignor observes that ‘indeed, from the late colonial period up until the present, critics of those in power have lamented the level of venality, and numerous published reports have catalogued a wide range of iniquities and called for reform’. He further asserts that ‘a considerable amount of bribery, nepotism, and the use of political office for personal enrichment did exist in late colonial Nigeria. Evidence of administrative malfeasance was palpable…’. It follows then that British colonialism in Nigeria (1900-1960), contrary to the views of Tignor, can be argued to have been founded on corruption and exploitation legitimised by a system of indirect rule, a major tool for the governance of the native authorities. Onigu Otite agrees…

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