Corruption In Ralph Nader's How To Curb Corporate Power In America

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The world of media and politics is filled with bias and corruption. This is not how a democratic country, especially one of such influence like The United States, should be run. The harsh reality, unfortunately, is that corruption is rampant in the government and in the media tasked with exposing it. Much of it, expectedly, involves money and the corporate lobbying deploying it a service of vested interests. This paper will investigate the corrupt connection between big corporate owned media and political power, case in point Corporations own the media we, as a society depend on, in ways the general public does not know. For example, Fox News owns The New York Post. Since The New York Post is not considered a tabloid, and is an official news …show more content…
In it, he breaks down, step by step, ways in which ‘we the people’ can take back the power into our hands and curb the corruption. Step one is to “Crack Down on Corporate Crime”. He explains that corporations will continue to be corrupt as long as there isn’t a public outcry about it. They will continue to move ‘hush money’ around under the table as long as there is no surveillance. Nader suggests harsher surveillance of corporations and their relations to officials that hold office. He suggests keeping the relationships between the two as limited as possible. As long as there is a relationship, there is corruption. He says that often times, when corruption is caught occurring, it is swept under the rug because the public and media, even that controlled by Murdoch, would have a field day. However, these scandals must be brought to the spotlight. Not only should these corruptions be exposed to the public eye, there should be extremely harsh penalties for every party involved. Not only will this bring about the justice that the people of America deserve, it will set a precedent for other companies and political officials that were doing the same. Another of Nader’s tips is to “Get Corporations Out of Elections”. He explained it

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