Corruption : Corruption And Corruption Essay

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What is corruption? How is it measured? According to the Business Dictionary (2015), corruption implies wrongdoing on the part of an authority through means that are more or less illegitimate or incompatible with certain laid down ethical standards. Another definition of corruption is provided by Corruption Watch (2015), which states that corruption is the abuse of public resources in order to enrich, or give unfair advantage to certain individuals. More often than not, corruption is realized in the presence of secrecy, and is driven by bribery, which perhaps explains why it is not always easy to detect. In most cases, corruption occurs between two individuals, or entities. According to Corruption Watch (2015), the most common forms of corruption are as follows: payment of bribes to government officials so as to secure government contracts; abuse of public authority and position so as to secure favors for friends and family; and the soliciting of bribes by public officials from individuals or businesses in order to escape lawful punishment. The scale of corruption can be measured through the following global indices: Corruption Perceptions Index; Bribe Payers Index; and the Global Corruption Barometer (Transparency International, 2010)
With specific reference to the Corruption Perceptions Index which provides an overview of the world’s most and least corrupt public sectors on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt)-100 (very clean), Transparency International…

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