Corruption And The American Dream Essay

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Corruption and the “American Dream”

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, is a story that tells many aspects of an American life but it specifically displays the American Dream and the corrupting powers of money that come with the American Dream. American Dream is something that many strive for and by itself, the American Dream, dreaming of a better and more prosperous life, won’t defile someone. Ultimately, it is the love of money and yearning for satisfaction, which comes with the American Dream, that corrupts people. This American Dream can be seen through Gatsby’s life, in his dream of a life with Daisy, and also in Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s life, through their wealth taking over their lives. The Great Gatsby is a novel where there is a great deal of wealth in this Jazz Age, but people’s money and their American Dream become the center of their lives. This dream begins to control and corrupt people’s desires and in the end this American Dream shows that money can’t bring people the happiness they crave. The American Dream is thought of a time in one’s where there is an abundance of happiness and prosperity, especially materialistically. Having a high social status was something that was sought after in this era. This dream of materialistic pleasures led people to obsession and corruption. The American Dream lifestyle during the Jazz Age consisted of wild parties, (illegal) drinking, flappers, etc. Gatsby threw big parties where people, “conducted themselves…

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