Corruption And Nepotism During The Ottoman Empire Essay examples

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Corruption & Nepotism in the Ottoman Empire Over the course of history, the Ottoman Empire rose to be one of the most powerful empires in the early modern empire. The empire expanded at a rapid pace, making it’s neighbors fearful of their advancement. The story of the Ottoman expansion began when the Christian Byzantine empire began to perish. In the thirteenth century, as the power of the smaller Turks declined, the Ottoman Turks began to absorb their small states with their strong military infantry force known as the Janissaries. The Ottoman empire came into being around 1300 in northwestern Anatolia to east of the Byzantines capital, Constantinople. It was only one of the numerous small principalities which had emerged in Anatolia. The leaders of these territories and their followers were Turks and their presence in Anatolia incited not only a change in sovereignty, but also a change in ethnicity and religion (Imber 4). As the empire began to grow Anatolia had become primarily Turkish and Muslim. In this paper I will be analyzing how corruption and nepotism lead the decline in the Ottoman Empire, I will explain the Devshirme system, a systematic problem that didn’t work long as the Ottomans had hoped, as well as the corruption in the bureaucratic government they had established.
In the early fourteenth century, the Ottomans had taken over majority of Christian Byzantine Empire 's territories and, late in that century, several Balkan states. Under Selim I and Süleyman I…

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