Corruption and Indian Politics Essay

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Corruption and Indian Politics.
Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech said, that there is no magic wand to erase corruption from our country.
President, a day earlier to him, through the medium of Doordarshan said that there is no single remedy to fight against corruption.
Well I live in an India where the two most supreme authorities in Indian Polity seem to have given up or are helpless on the issue of corruption.
Well I also live in an India where a 74 year old man like Shri.Anna Hazare dares to raise his voice against corruption,but is being called uncivil and undemocratic.
A very good morning to respected judges, honourable dignitaries and my fellow colleagues,I Viren Vesuwala would like to address the issue Corruption
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3. There is a corrupt Kalmadi behind every CWG.
For centuries together the World would definitely know that we really invented the digit ‘0’.Your question would be How?
Well if the facts of India Abroad magazine published in New York is to be believed,it states that , the Commonwealth Games scam amounted Rs 8000 crores; Bribes paid by truckers were estimated at Rs 2500 crores; The 2G Spectrum scam, the mother of all scams, the total is Rs 1,85,000 crores
The conclusion is that there are just too many zeros for a 'common man' to say how much has been looted from the state coffers, but the 'common man' can easily understand that something has gone 'rotten in the Kingdom of India'.
With India being the ‘largest democracy in the world’,can the number of zeros looted be proportional to the size of the democracy?
The answer is an emphatic NO.
Well what is democracy then? And how is corruption killing it?
Abraham Lincoln spoke of a representative democracy as a 'government of the people, by the people, for the people'.
A government of which people? A prime minister who is only worried that the corporate sector will feel bad after the release of the Radia tapes! What about the common man whose savings or taxes are looted by government officials?
Government for the people? Which people? The rich and mighty only? Government by the people? It is journalists like Vir Sanghvi,Barkha Dutt and lobbyists who 'fix' lucrative portfolios. Who has

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