Correspondence Theory Of Truth Essay

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23.The Correspondence Theory of the Truth is probably the simplest, and most intuitive theory of truth out there. P is true iff p corresponds to a fact. P is false iff, p does not correspond to any fact; So the truth ‘scorpion is venomous’ is true iff there is some fact about the world that corresponds to that statement. A truth bearer is true iff it bears a specific part of reality. There is relationship between the proposition and it’s corresponding the fact.
24. The coherence theory of truth is best contrasted with the correspondence theory of truth. Where the correspondence theory allows a truth bearer to be true if it corresponds to some truth maker in the world, the coherence theory, on the other hand, allows truth bearers to be true if they cohere with other truth bearers. For example; to help get the intuition, think of all of your beliefs as parts of fishing net. They all fit together to form a coherent whole. It is clear when a belief that does not cohere with the rest is introduced like a fish going into the net. These beliefs that do not fit are false. Those that fit are true.
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Pragmatic theory of the truth is practical consequences of belief before choosing what to believe. We need to look at the context and decide what is best to believe. Imagine a squirrel hanging from a tree just opposite a man. The man moves around the tree to try to catch a glimpse of the squirrel, but the squirrel is always quicker and always keeps the tree in between it and the man. The question is did the man move around the squirrel or not? The answer would become clear when we look at the issue pragmatically. What do we mean by move around? If it mean pass to west, south, east and north of then yes he has gone around, but it if means pass in front of, to the left of, behind and to the right of then no. Once we understand the practical implications of each definition, the answer becomes

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