Correlation Between The Council On Social Work Education Essay

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This paper will show the correlation between the Council on Social Work Education, Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards of page one and how my field placement agency is guided by CSWE policy and standards. It will also give insight to how the agency is motivated by the underpinnings of the Master of Social Work at Delaware State University. It will identify the agency’s strengths and limitation of how well Kent Sussex Community Services (KSCS) adheres to the profession’s purpose. Finally, it will address the opportunities KSCS provides to build on strengths and address identified limitations.

Introduction The paper will show how KSCS lines up with every competency that is required from CSWE. KSCS is fueled by clinicians that promote social change, helping clients problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. The main goal of social work is to strengthen people’s ability, which are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty; to cope with tasks and problems that they face. Moreover, it is necessary to pay particular attention to promoting improvements in the environment to meet clients’ needs more adequately.
Purpose of Social Work at KSCS
At KSCS they exemplify the purpose of social work as explicated by the CSWE in many ways and here is an example of a few. Our services are done in a way that enhances the dignity of all clients. KSCS makes sure that all services we provide are relevant…

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