Correlation Between Socioeconomics And School Performance Essay

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Data on the topic of the achievement gap were collected such as political and societal factors. The political factors included such subsets as legislative decisions, voting, and getting the right representatives in place to make the students’ concerns known. The societal factors were advancements in technology, environment, and exposure to the wrong influences. However because content analysis was used, these topics were not discussed enough to emerge into a theme (Merriam, 2009). In laymen’s terminology, political and societal factors were mentioned as possible causes for the achievement gap, but were not mentioned enough to warrant rising to the level of a theme. The political factors included such subsets and representatives to make the students concerns known influences.
Another statement was made by some individuals in the group that “finances are not an issue” when identifying causes of the achievement gap. This contradicts previous researchers who indicated a correlation between socioeconomics and school performance (Kiernan & Mensah, 2011; Ready, 2010). Kiernan and Mensah (2011) concluded that students who come from poverty and who are also deficient in family resources are not performing as well as their advantaged peers in the first years of schooling. Even though researchers have proven contrary to their statements, all three groups expressed the idea that educational resources can be obtained without finances. One participant stated that “don’t let it (money)…

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