Correlation Between Seniors And From A Higher Socio Economic Status

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Firstly, one of the main ideas that our group discussed is that there is a significant correlation between seniors who originate from a higher socio-economic status utilizing the internet on a more frequent basis in contrast to elder individuals who stem from a lower income bracket. The senior individuals who are constituted as stemming from lower income socio-economic statuses utilize the internet at a significantly reduced rate. The three main factors that influence on how often an individual utilizes the internet is the particular age of the person, their level of educational attainment, and their annual financial per-capita.

Secondly, another focal idea our small group articulated was whether robot companions can sufficiently meet the needs of seniors. In addition robots in essence are more useful as offering supplementary assistance/aid to the senior individual, primary care-givers, people that are employed in the health profession and with immediate family members. Additionally senior individuals would not be receiving beneficial human interaction with other peers if their primary social engagement was solely with a robotic companion. Henceforth maintaining a strong social network of immediate family and friends is very helpful especially if the senior individual is currently experiencing a daunting personal hardship.

Thirdly, another concept that was articulated in the small group discussion was how some seniors place a very high importance upon owning a cell…

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