Correlation Between Poverty And Substance Abuse Essay

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In the United States, drug use and poverty come in a pair. It’s difficult to understand why this occurs, it is known that there is a correlation between the two. In a considerable amount of cases, substance abuse and poverty can be causal. The causation and correlation between poverty and substance abuse is a complex relationship that relates to low job opportunities, lack of community resources (such as substance abuse agencies), mental or physical disabilities, and lack of a solid support system such as family or friends. Impoverished people who become absorbed in drugs experience the pain of what it is like to be stuck in the deprivation trap of isolation, powerlessness, vulnerability and physical weakness. Poverty and the use of drugs coincide and result in addiction and incarceration.
Poverty is a state that can have several causes. Education is vital to the class a person is in and acts as a cycle. When a person receives a high quality education, they are likely to be in a higher class. In impoverished areas such as inner-city neighborhoods; schools lack funding, training and resources to provide children an adequate learning environment (Decriminalizing Poverty, 2010). Inner-city neighborhoods and urban areas often lack after school activities and extracurricular. On top of this, parents of these children often work several jobs, and may not provide their children with education outside of the classroom, one example of this is free read books at home (Decriminalizing…

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