Correlation Between Males And Males Essay

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1. In cohort 1, the females have a lower survivorship curve, as indicated in graph 1. Moreover, around half of the population was dead in the 60-69 range. This makes the graph look somewhat close to a type 2 curve, but overall more similar to the type 1. In cohort 2, the graph (graph 2) shows the males and females having around the same curve early on, but then the males drop steeply. Although there is a definite curve in the two genders, the males appear to be closer to a type 2 than the females. The big drop in the males at 50 - 59 mark helps to enforce this idea. However, the overall shape of the graph is between type 1 and 2. Finally, cohort 3 (graph 3), indicates a very good example of a type 1 curve. Very few humans die early on, but both genders experience a large drop in the 70-79 range, which is the average human life expectancy at the time. Overall the females had a slightly lower curve, but both indicated a type 1 curve.

2. Looking at graph 4, it is clear that the survivorship in Hamilton has increased over the 200 years. Looking specifically at the 0 - 9 range, it is clear that the childhood mortality rate has decreased dramatically. Cohort 1 indicates a drop of over 100 in the 0 - 9 interval, but by cohort 3, the drop decreased by more than 50%. Moreover, there is a clear decrease in the amount of deaths in the in the 10 - 69 (the working age) interval since the graph in cohort 3 bulges out more than the other cohorts. This bulge represents a decrease in the…

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