Correlation And Regression Of Academic Success Essay

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Correlation and Regression
Students who demonstrate academic success during their undergraduate studies surpass in the graduate program. The students performing academically favorable during their undergraduate courses tend to adapt better to the Master’s program because they have good study habits in addition to discipline. Nowadays the traditional MBA student takes one or two courses at a time, during the evening or weekends. Some students support their family while working full time. An individual can expect students who achieve their bachelor’s degree perform better in their master’s degree. After conducting a correlation and regression analysis using a .05 significance level. One can conclude there is sufficient evidence of a correlation between the BS GPA’s and the MBA GPA’s. A person will answer four questions providing affirmation to the data in addition to rejecting the null hypothesis confirming that a correlation exists. The first thing a person must do is identify the two scale variables they want to test, to see if there is a connection. In this case, the data obtained from the student data file containing the BS GPA’s and the MBA GPA’s. One then determines which will be the X and Y axis. This step is important because a person needs to know which is the dependent variable as well as the independent variable. They X is the BS GPA’s; the independent variable is used to predict. The Y is the MBA GPA’s; the dependent variable what a person is trying to predict or…

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