Corrections Essay

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The criminal justice system it’s self contains of three main components which are polices, courts, and corrections. Each component will be defined according to the criminal justice system. Police are people that keep the community in peace with issues and are in charge of regulating the crime and affairs within their city limits. Each police force follow the same laws in there state. But in every city is different on how they enforce it and the leniency. Then you have the federal police agencies which would be the FBI, NSA, DEA, CIA, ATF, DHS, SS, and U.S. Marshals. They all do the same thing but they do it in higher law which deals with the Federal laws and there stand point. The Criminal Justice System is in place to enforce the law in a …show more content…
They keep the law down worse than police but with way stricter guidelines. Myself I have first hands on experience. It is not a joke and our Criminal Justice System is tight. They have all these things set in place to protect people and that’s what they plan on doing to keep the peace. The criminal justice system relates to the government in a higher stand point to referring to federal laws, federal courts, and actions. But it all varies from state to state because some laws are more enforced in some states than others. Then you have states that have laws that others don’t. One thing that every state follows is all federal laws of the federal government. But every state has its own laws that get enforced depend on what state you are in. Like Missouri you can’t smoke weed, but in Colorado and California you can. Laws like that its up to a state to let happen, but the guidelines come from the federal government on how it show be handled for safety. The process is different all the way around it just depends on the state and city on how things get carried

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