Corrections Process Class Toured The Local Correctional Center

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As an assignment the Criminal Justice 205 – Corrections Process class toured the local correctional center. The Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC) is located near downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. The purpose of the trip was to learn about the prison experience and more specifically learn, firsthand, what is involved running the correctional center, prison/jail. While on tour I was able to see the design of the center, how the jail operates, as well as how the inmates live. This tour shed light on the intricate workings and operations of the corrections system and what life can be like behind bars. It also allowed me to see a part of society many choose to ignore. According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office website, “the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, built in 1984, operates under the Corrections Division of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. The jail holds all male and female parish inmates, both sentenced and awaiting trial. The jail operates many work programs for its inmates. These include a work release program, a kitchen, laundry, and general work crew as well as several road crews. LPCC also provides GED services, job-seeking education, counseling services, religious services, recreation, social visiting, commissary, library, and mail distribution to the inmates housed there and is accredited by the American Correctional Association.” “The mission of the Lafayette Parish Corrections Division is to provide quality cost effective…

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