Corrections As A Legal Intervention Essay

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1. Corrections has always struggled with conflicting goals. Identify at least 3 corrections goals (e.g., rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, etc.) and explain how they fight against one another. How can this conflict be minimized? Is it possible that this goal conflict may actually be good for corrections?
Within the text of American Corrections, it states, “Corrections is a legal intervention to deter, rehabilitate, to incapacitate, or simply to punish or achieve retribution.” The purpose of Corrections is to ideally serve the goals of fair punishment and protection of the community. These two goals also serve in cahoots with evaluative components for correctional work. An example of a problem for this could be, people understanding and agreeing with the allowance of releasing an offender on parole after they have served their sentence. There is also incontestably a fear of the possible threat the parolees have on the community. In this, the evident issues cause disputes within each goal that the corrections has put forth. Which then leads to the corrections processes affecting one another in small and large ways. For example, when a parole agency begins to enforce new drug-screening methods, a heightened number of violators that are not covered by the new methods will affect prisons and jails through the system. Corrections are sometimes visualized as an assembly line with some return loops in it. Rehabilitation is a way for the jail/prison system…

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