Essay on Correcting Error Reporting Systems

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Correcting Error Reporting Systems

HA 255-01
April 5, 2011

2 A sophisticated continuous quality improvement process should involve the clinical employees as well as the senior medical staff. “Leading an organization refers to an individual’s ability to galvanize resources and motivate employees to work collectively to further organizational goals, which goes beyond simply controlling day-to-day operations.” (O'Connor, 2009) Continuous quality improvement cannot function properly without effective leadership and managers who have a dual role in managing staff as well being a part of the leadership of the organization as a whole. By definition, continuous quality improvement involves employee empowerment and
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In an article entitled Medication Error Reporting: CQI Programs Offer Avenue to Vital Follow-Up, a minimum of 27 states require hospitals as well as other health care facilities to report serious medical errors. It further goes on to say that “…error reporting forms only one part of a comprehensive CQI program …it allows managers to identify problems, assess best solutions, and measure successes.” (Medication Error Reporting: CQI Programs Offer Avenue to Vital Follow-Up, 2011) Based on this article, CQI and punitive reporting systems is probably not a common coexistence since CQI programs identify the problem as associated with the process and not necessarily as a result of individuals. It would typically seek a non-punitive approach to errors and concentrate its efforts on changing the process to ensure a repeated incident did not occur again. When incorporating an incident reporting and performance appraisal system into a health care organization, special attention needs to be given to ensure the systems works in tandem to improve the overall function of the operation. Performance appraisal systems have historically not been effective tools in improving the quality of the performance of the individual which the appraisal evaluates. Managers need accountability in performing these appraisals possibly by having the appraisal reflect back to some degree to the manager responsible for the employee.

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