Correct Conflict Resolution

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Correct conflict resolution.

For effective management of the organization of the manager must be properly resolve conflicts, to find common ground with his staff. Here is one example of the working of the conflict in a small family-type organization. In the current backbone of the business the old-timers, who stood at the very beginning of the company, joins a young relative. He worked for some time to lower management positions, worked well, and it was decided to raise the head of the department, which consists of people much older than him. On the first day, bearing in mind its practice in other departments and other organizations subordinate asks all present to give him a report on the work in the last month. That was it necessary to determine
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At the same time he knew that elder employee, such she is, has a certain prestige among the employees, which is only strengthened by the active confrontation with the new head. As a result, its purpose was to offset the youngster. In this case, he decided to show his power and authority, to carry out further conversation in the spirit of "I 'm the boss here, and you will either have to accept my terms of the game, or I’ll fire …show more content…
It is possible that his aunt just offended because a formal attitude to it as to the others. Perhaps because of the many years of work in the company she had hoped that the new head of the first thing to turn to her for advice, offer to call "heart to heart", will help. Instead - the requirement of "report", the distrust, the requirement to confirm its competence, the reproach of doing nothing and functionally useless. Perhaps her sabotage - just a manifestation of stress, then it is best to just talk, that it is large enough, there is no, explain why you need a report. He invited her to lead the training of brand new employees that will give it more significance and value. But hard to say at the end of the conversation, that henceforth he would not allow such declarative statements in front of the whole team.

After weighing all the "pros" and "cons", manager goes with the second option. Fortunately, it turned out that it hurt unfairly, in her opinion, the attitude of the young ruler, and the conflict was resolved quickly. This move helps the manager to gain respect from his employee and solve a

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