Essay about Corporations Today Are Global And International

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Corporations today are global and international. They deal with the government at many levels. These operations affect the millions of people who are consumers of their products. It works like a chain reaction. Corporations make up a small a small part of the companies, but are associated with businesses that are powerful. A corporation has a “face,” which is the company. This is where the public relations ties into corporations. Every corporation has products, a logo, and a brand that are visible in advertising to the public. The public’s perceptions of greed and corporate misdeeds are reinforced by stories in the media and activists. Corporations care about what their consumers think of them. It is a balance between arguing for realism and making excuses on behalf of their company. Big enterprises that make and do things will also make mistakes and society requires corporate communicators and the media to expose illegal and incompetent dealings. There are corporations that strive to provide the best value they can and not only for the profit.
This is why public relations are a key factor in the role of corporate transparency and ethical conduct to improve corporate governance. Three areas to act in are to adopt ethical principles, purse transparency and disclosure, and make trust a fundamental rule of corporate governance. Some key factors to consider when making a decision are how it will affect politics, technology, socially, and the economy. The mass media affects…

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