Corporations And Police Departments Are Not The Only Place One Can Find Racial Discrimination

1427 Words Mar 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Corporations and police departments are not the only place one can find racial discrimination, as it has become a key factor in the recent presidential campaign. Donald Trump tops the list of offenders, he has publically denounced both Muslims and Mexicans. Trump seems to assume that every person of Mexican descent, has moved to this country illegally. To make such a broad assumption would have to mean that all immigrants, for hundreds of years, have been undocumented. This is both an absurd assertion as well as discriminatory. Trump also seems to think that all people of the Muslim faith have intentions of carrying out terror acts. He wants to have all Muslims removed, as they pose no eminent threat, and have been peacefully living in this country for centuries (Walker, 2015). It is no secret that he is currently leading the polls in contention for the presidency. This fact surely says something about the state of the union. As he is targeting the ultra conservatives, who are sick of the current democrat thinking following the Obama administration. These people certainly are not reading into what he is saying, his proposed ideas and policies are not realistic, however, they most definitely appeal to their emotions. Having someone in the white house who are extremely racist and prejudice, could be detrimental for the future of America.
Racial profiling does not only apply to African Americans, in the wake of ISIS and other faith based terror groups, Muslims have…

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