Corporation vs Small Business Essay

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The Corporations Role in Small Business Success
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English 122: Composition II
Aimee Garten
October 14, 2013

The Corporations Role In Small Business Success

Devastation. This describes the state I was in when I walked into my favorite coffee shop and was notified by the owners that they would be closing the doors for good at the end of the business day. I had been going to Donut Connection, a small family owned business, for about a year. I had been loyal to Starbucks since my coffee drinking days began, but this place came highly recommended and it was right on my way to work. I was quickly enamored with their amazing customer service, and I have to admit, the coffee was better than Starbucks. As all good things come
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They know what their customers need and provide it to them whereas bigger businesses might take a much longer time to meet the needs of the consumer. Consumers that shop small businesses have the benefit of interacting directly with the owner in most cases. Changes can be made on an almost immediate basis. This makes the consumer feel as though their opinion is valued and will encourage repeat business. According to an article titled Small Business in the United States, U.S. Department of State (2013), the ability of small businesses to adapt quickly to a changing economy is a key strength. Since they usually know their customers personally, they are able to better suit the needs of locals. Corporations are at a disadvantage here because it takes them longer to meet customer service needs, and they usually end up spending millions in an attempt to duplicate the service rendered by smaller businesses.
Location, availability, and cost of products are all factors that help consumers decide where to purchase their goods. Location is a significant aspect to consider when starting up a small business. Larger businesses, such as Wal-Mart are spread all across the country. They tend to be in every city, even the small towns. Small businesses are commonly specific to a certain region or town. For those living in small towns, this may not be much of a deciding influence, but for city living, it

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