Corporate Tax Planning Essay examples

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Corporate Tax Planning

Term Paper: Tax Incentives for Attracting FDI and Some Policy Recommendation

University Of Dhaka
Department of Accounting & Information Systems
MBA Program

Course title: Corporate Tax Planning
A Term Paper on "Tax incentives for attracting FDI and some policy recommendation"

Batch: 15th Section A
MBA 1st Semester
Date of Submission: 30th September, 2013.

Letter of Transmittal

September 30, 2013
Mohammad Moniruzzaman ACA
Assistant Professor
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It was not possible without the cordial co-operation of correspondent who helped us in providing required information during the preparation of this report. First of all, we would like to tender our respectful gratitude to our honorable course instructor, Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting and Information Systems, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka for his sincere guidance regarding preparation of the term paper. Without his wise guidance, it would be impossible on our part to complete this report.


Foreign Direct Investment is increasing broadly worldwide. This is an international financial flow that operates in a foreign country capital market with a view to participating and controlling. It is now leading toward a beneficial socio-economic development of a country. FDI should be more encouraged in Bangladesh as it possesses a high potential for the country. Necessary incentives are being taken for flourishing this sector. Bangladesh as a developing country is trying hard for attracting FDI. In spite of some negative influence it is achieving greater benefit. Countries are competing hard for more valuable FDI. It has become lucrative for the investors to invest in Bangladesh, although it carries disappointment to some extent. FDI play a serious role in accelerating socio economic growth of a country. Many internal and external factors are highlighted that pose

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