Corporate Strategy : An Organization Essay

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Corporate strategy is a strategy that a company implements in order to identify its overall image by identifying its products or services in which they want to offer to customers, but also it helps the company determine long term goals for the company (Guth, 1976). An organization’s corporate strategy is instrumental in framing and guiding the employees to achieve the goals of the company and help the company be productive and profitable. Without a company have a corporate strategy, there would be no direction for company success and no goals to strive for. Therefore, a corporate strategy should be implemented in any organization, but there are three types of a corporate strategy that can pose some challenges in relation to human resources within the organization. The first corporate strategy is related to the growth of the company. Every company should be focused on generating more clients or selling more products in order to generate a better profit margin for the company. However, when a company wants to increase sales and/or expand their business to attract new clients, then that means more employees will have to be hired to help achieve those goals. With that being said, staffing and training new employees are two human resource issues associated with growth. Staffing is just not hiring external applicants for a job position, but it also involves promotions within the internal staff that already encompasses the organization (Judge & Ferris, 1992). The…

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