Corporate Sponsorships Should Be Banned In Schools

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Schools across the nation attempt their best to ensure the quality of a student’s education is superior. One way is through the opportunity of participating in sports, fine arts, academic bowls, etc. Although, every student cannot afford the cost or schools cannot fully fund them, corporations are able to give financial assistance to multiple extracurriculars by corporate sponsorships. Consequently, schools feature their advertisement in any manner, whether that would be on a shirt or jersey, on the walls of a gymnasium or stadiums. Though these sponsorships can be advantageous, many disapprove of corporate “partnerships” which their advertisements are featured practically everywhere in the school building, serving as a distraction to students, ultimately begging the question if any corporate sponsorship should be …show more content…
There have been studies which show that the average attention span of a human is approximately seven seconds, meaning we lose our focus on an object or topic after seven seconds. Classes, study halls and peer tutoring sessions are held in music rooms, libraries and cafeterias, and if advertisements were to be placed in the vicinity, students could lose focus and shift their attention to an advertisement. Any school’s mission should involve the significance of their student’s education. The school’s environment plays a humongous factor in whether that education is truly established. If the environment is flooded with advertisements from corporations, and students are constantly being distracted, what should be done about the amount of advertisements being circulated around the school? Therefore, it is necessary to prohibit advertisements from being placed in school facilities to enable a distraction free zone for

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