Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility

There is heated argument and criticism surrounding the concept of corporate social responsibility. Some people believe that the authentic responsibility of a business is only to its proprietors and shareholders. Others believe that a business should be responsible for all of its activities that effect on the environment and civic. I strongly believe that CSR has become of important concern to the business world and that has been resulted in rising collaboration between governments, businesses and society as an entire world in last two decades. In this journal I will discuss the concept of corporate social responsibility and will give heated argument for CSR and statement against CSR.
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I strongly believe that there are several reasons which explain the significant role of corporate social responsibility. The First reason is employee’s satisfaction. Workers feel great and proud of the firm, they work for. An employee satisfied towards the firm, and they do not search for job at somewhere else. The company will also receive more job applications for the reason that people want to work on behalf of it. Because of the great helpful influence of CSR on employee security and inspiration. In CSR project the role of HR in management is most important. Second is satisfied customers. Study shows that CSR improves customer’s extreme attitude towards the company which they likes, and they will purchase more and more goods or services. They will be less likely to go with brand. Third reason costs reductions. If the CSR program is in well organize manner a company can decrease costs through CSR. Companies reduce costs by hiring skill employees, Applying energy savings programs, managing potential risks and obligations with extra power, It is also helpful by investing low amount in traditional promotion. The forth reason for CSR is get escalation in business opportunities. The business must be in a continuous discussion with clients, dealers and other parties that affect the

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