Corporate Social Responsibility : Role Of Banking Industry As A Corporate Citizen

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Role of Banks in Bangladesh
Chapter: 1 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study:

Corporate social responsibility is not a mere blessing by organizations rather it’s a responsibility of them being corporate citizens. Over the years CSR activities have been performed all over the world and to cope with the dynamic business world, this practice has been added to the corporate culture of Bangladesh. It is taking away banks’ attraction to do philanthropic jobs to its society, stakeholders and to the planet. Bangladesh Bank, the monetary authority of Bangladesh, monitors the CSR activities performed by banks on different sectors. As a part of our academic requirement of the “Foundation Training-2015 (2nd Batch), we, the four Assistant Directors, are assigned to prepare a report on “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Role of Banks in Bangladesh” which have enhanced both theoretical and pragmatic knowledge regarding CSR.
1.2 Objectives of the Study:

i. To have knowledge on CSR of banking industry as a corporate citizen. ii. To identify total amount of CSR expenditure by banks in Bangladesh from year 2011 to 2014. iii. To identify the percentage of CSR expenditure by banks on their after tax profit. iv. To conduct a comparative analysis among banks operating in Bangladesh.

1.3 Literature Review:

To integrate the contribution of organizations as corporate citizens of the society, there have been done a lot of studies to identify the…

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