Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics And Sustainability Essay

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The chapter is about corporate social responsibility, ethics and sustainability. The corporate social responsibility is managerial obligation to take action that protects and improves the welfare of the society and the origination interest. Ethics are the principles by which people distinguish what is morally right. Sustainability is, an organization’s ability to meet its present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The Davis model of corporate social responsibility asserts that 1. Social responsibility arises from social power. 2. Business shall operate as a two-way open system. 3. Cost and benefits of a product should be considered when deciding whether or not to proceed. 4. Cost can be passed on to the consumer and 5. Business should be involved in social problems that are outside their normal area of operation. The Davis model is new concept for me. Some companies use social responsibility to develop their image. Some time it can be use as marketing tool. For example my current employer produce beverages and water. They give away water bottles/ beverages and funds when people need, like disaster situation, volunteer beach cleaning camps and forest plant program etc. Financial support of course help to those events indirectly they can access potential customer by giving beverages free.
Ethical behavior give additional advantages to a company. It help to build the trust among employees. Higher employee retention, pleasant…

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