Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) Essay

1004 Words Oct 27th, 2016 5 Pages
From time without beginning, businesses have generally been looked at with suspicion by politicians and general masses around the world. Even though they contribute to the growth of any country’s economy and become job creators, their intentions are more often than not considered dubious. There is some sort of self-inflicted stress on the part of companies to keep doing things to demonstrate their role as socially responsible entities, and not appear as just another money minting organisation. Yet, a lot of them don’t know how to create that balance.

Nonetheless, it is not a utopian dream for a company anymore to come across as socially responsible while at the same time, make profits on the way. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) if incorporated in the way a business is run, it becomes the normal course of business which benefits one and all. But, is it always so in black and white? The lines get blurred when a corporate wants to derive some tactical advantage out of its CSR activities.

When a business incorporates CSR as part of its core business strategy using its competency to align with socially responsible objectives, which also leads to quantitative improvement on the balance sheet, is something that can be defined as strategic CSR. To explain further, let’s take the example of a clothing brand that employs fair trade practices in the way it sources raw material to get the clothes store ready. In the process, it will ensure safety and welfare of the…

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