Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the entire range of business responsibilities that any organization has towards society. It is represented in four types of responsibilities, i.e. economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary (Carroll, 1979). Carroll portrayed the social responsibilities with proportions of 4:3:2:1 respectively, suggesting the relative importance of each responsibility. First, the economic responsibility is defined as the responsibilities of organizations to produce goods and/or services that consumers need and want, and to make an acceptable profit from this business process (Carroll, 1979). Second, the legal responsibility is defined as the laws and regulations formulated and disseminated by national and local governments as the ground rules under which businesses must operate (Carroll, 1979). Third, the ethical responsibility entails the standards and norms that organizations should maintain to protect their stakeholders’ moral rights; and which exceeds the frame of legal requirements. They reflect a concern for consumers, employees, shareholders, and the community at large, and what they view as fair and just (Carroll, 1979). Fourth, the discretionary responsibility is defined as the responsibilities that businesses take upon themselves voluntarily through their desire to engage in non-mandated and unexpected social roles that are not even expected in an ethical sense (Carroll, 1979).

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