Corporate Social Responsibility ( Csr ) And Business Code Of Ethics

1349 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Business Code of Ethics are a vital piece to operating a business. The code of ethics involves guidelines that aid employees when conducting business transaction with honor and integrity. Corporate social responsibility involves a company including concepts that concern cultural, social and environmental issues in their business transactions, operations and how they interact with stakeholders. If one were looking to review both concepts, one would simply read a company’s corporate mission and value statement. Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) is a company that proudly boasts their core values for review by shareholders and stakeholders alike. This paper will provide an in-depth review of both concepts and also provide insight in the company is upholding the standards that they have set for themselves.
Every year Lincoln Financial Group publishes brochures, pamphlets and company manuals for their employees, shareholders and stakeholders to reviews, so that all will gain an understanding of what is expected of employees, and the expectations of how business transactions are to be conducted. For example, the documents highlights how a customer would file a complaint if they felt that they were treated unfairly, or if they believe that an employee conducted an unethical transaction. The brochure also highlights how employees are expected to behave in terms of their responsibilities as managers and employees. In fact, LFG has taken…

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